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Piggins Inn, Carlton is categorised as 'Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen' and is located in Carlton.
It currently has a food hygiene rating of '5' from Gedling Food Safety.

Address and Rating

Piggins Inn, Carlton


338 - 340 Carlton Hill

Food Hygiene Rating: 5
Note: The presence of an eatery on this site does not imply that it is necessarily open to the public. It may be a works canteen, a college refectory, a private members' club or some other non-public establishment. But we'd still love to read your comments about it if you're one of its users!
Administrative Info
  • Rating Scheme: FHRS
    (Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • Rating Authority: Gedling

  • Rating Authority Business ID: 2418
  • Business Type: Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen
  • Rating Value: 5
  • Rating Date: 2014-01-15

  • Region: East Midlands
  • County: Nottinghamshire County Council
  • District: Gedling Borough Council
  • Parliamentary Constituency: Gedling

Location map may not be precise. Coordinates are, where possible, those supplied by the Food Standards Agency but may be interpolated or estimated.

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